About Welcome Back Veterans

Hundreds of thousands of our veterans, home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, have returned suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Far too often they come home and find their spouses and children suffering as well. Welcome Back Veterans (WBV) was created to inspire Americans to reach out and help our returning veterans and their families. These heroes were there when we needed them-they served us all and kept us safe-it is our turn to be there for them.

WBV is committed to providing PTSD treatment to our veterans and their families in a public/private partnership with the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, Major League Baseball Charities, the McCormick Foundation, the Entertainment Industry Foundation and world renowned Centers of Excellence at University Hospitals throughout the country. Currently, Welcome Back Veterans is funding programs at:

Our goal is to transform the lives of our returning veterans by providing on-going treatment to them and their families for any PTSD issues they may have. At the same time, we want to change the way Americans think and talk about PTSD. Our program is designed to complement existing efforts at the Veterans Administration and Department of Defense, which at times, are sorely over-taxed by the large number of veterans they have to serve.

Ultimately, WBV is committed to creating a national network of Centers of Excellence to provide the best care to those who deserve nothing less while funding ground breaking research to continue seeking ground breaking treatments for PTSD.

All of us can play a part. It is now our turn to serve.

To date Welcome Back Veterans has raised over $30 million to make a difference in the lives of our courageous veterans and their families. This money includes matching funds provided by the McCormick Foundation. Three rounds of grants have already been awarded to non-profit organizations across the nation.

Learn more about Welcome Back Veterans' Centers of Excellence initiative.